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We have a couple of SnapTrack HPTX V2 (latest model).

These are current models, one is our demo training unit and one was a showroom unit. Both these are at the older 2022 pricing so a great bargain as they have been heavily discounted. These are great performing locators and have the 10 watt transmitters bag, Direct connecting leads earth-stake and 100mm clamp. Great price for Plumbers or locators who would like a second unit. We are offering a two year warranty and calibration certificate.

We also have an older V1 which was our old loaner unit. This is an absolute bargain for a plumber or locator and will are still offering a 1 month warranty. call or email us for pricing on these.

Cobra Multi Frequency GPR Deal


Talk to us about trading up to the new PinPointR GPR, or grab a bargain We trade old GPR’s.

We regularly have trade units with such a great demand for the PinPointR. If you would like to update to the latest in GPR design please give us a call. If you would also like to grab a bargain contact us as we have some units coming in soon.

We currently have two COBRA Multi Frequency GPRs. These are great units and are an absolute bargain. These units were $30,000 new. They are around 5-6 years and have no warranty. They come with a Tablet and mount.