Access Detection – Providing Quality Sales, Service & Training for Utility Locators &  Leak Detection Equipment.

Access Detection Pty Ltd Purchased Advanced Underground Solutions in 2008 the two companies will work together to provide quality service in the underground service location, telecommunications, water /gas leak detection and diesel control/shutdown systems.

You can be assured all our staff have common knowledge of our equipment to assist you with your enquires with a combined 25 years experience in the industry.

Access Detection have supplied equipment to major corporations like Sydney Water & Telstra.

We also pride ourselves in looking after the smaller independent companies. Our Sales network is Australia wide and also includes New Zealand and the Pacific islands. Our selected suppliers are well known in the industry including Sewerin, Rycom Instruments and IDS.

All providing high quality equipment for your needs.

Our Goals

Our primary Goal is to look after our customer and meet their needs. We do this by building a relationship with them by supplying quality products, professional training, and quick service.

We are a company that our customers will continue to buy from because we will provide these services in a courteous manner.

Mission Statement

We will provide quality products which are reliable and make a cost effective way to get your requirements done safely.

We will back this up with clear and correct training programs for all our products.

We will provide service and repair of all our products in a quick and timely manner.

We will continue to provide the most effective technology for your requirements by working with our customers and suppliers.

Our Premium Dealers

We have selected our premium dealers for Sewerin, ImpulseRadar & Rycom based on their knowledge and expertise in the industry. You can be assured when purchasing from one of local dealers you will receive quality support and more importantly quality training. Our Premium dealers have set up dedicated training sites and offer professional training going well beyond the normal sales pitch style training.

Matthew Selby




With over two decades of expertise in the Plumbing and Leak Detection industry, Matt stands as a dedicated Sewerin distributor based in Queensland. At the forefront of smart water meter technology, he has collaborated with regional water authority teams, driving the implementation of innovative solutions. Matt’s focus on advancing training reflects the anticipated surge in leak detection demand across Australia due to evolving technologies.

Beyond product distribution, Matt provides comprehensive training and coaching for aspiring professionals, leveraging years of practical experience. As a trusted source for Sewerin equipment and services in Queensland, he ensures customer satisfaction as the preferred choice for leak detection solutions.

Explore Matt’s website for valuable resources, and rest assured with your reliable partner in the world of leak detection, where your satisfaction is his number one priority”.




Mark Quartermaine based in Western Australia started in commercial plumbing 35 years ago. Mark has continued to grow his expertise, as a commercial supervisor, commercial contracts administrator, commercial estimator, continually seeking new ideas and developing knowledge.  For the past 20 years, Mark has been carrying out commercial water loss investigations.

Marks expertise has lead him all around Australia, being actively involved in commercial leak detection from mine sites, salt, iron ore, gold and nickel, work camps, desalination plants, fire systems, hospitals and schools.  Having worked for some of the biggest companies in Australia, with a high level of safety implementation, combined with a high success rate, using multiple methodologies.

Mark can assist you with training by teaching you how to conduct leak detection in WA, with integrated training programs and a dedicated training area in WA.