• Large easy to read display
  • Real Time Depth and Current Measurement
  • True sound passive
  • Cable Orientation for directional accuracy
  • Frequencies ranging from 512Hz – 200 KHZ
  • Powerful HPTX 10 watt Transmitter
  • Standard Lithium Ion batteries
  • Flexible layout allows operator customisation
  • Suit novice and professional locators
  • Ideal for Councils, Water Authorities, Telco and Gas Contrators

Is Rycom’s best value professional pipe & cable locator to date. The Rycom SnapTRACK PRO HPTX improves on the popular 8869 PRO series. These improvements include a larger easy to read display, improved antenna design, standard lithium ion batteries and 10 watt HPTX Transmitter.

Therefore this is the perfect cable & pipe locator for councils, water authorities and gas contractors. However professional locator contractors will also find the many modes and frequencies available to them will assist in the more difficult locates they may come across. Including being fully DBYD/Telstra complaint.

The Rycom SnapTRACK PRO HPTX has 6+ locate modes and 8+ frequencies as standard.

Although the operator has the ability to add or remove these as they wish. Making the SnapTRACK a versatile platform for both new operators and professionals a like. Further features included with the SnapTRACK receiver is a handy accessory port. Allowing the operator to utilise add-on accessory to suit specialist jobs. The optional compact Accessory antenna is ideal for plumbers wanting to locate in confined areas. There is even a submersible antenna as an option.

When you compare other similar featured pipe & cable locators the Rycom SnapTRACK PRO HPTX offers sound value for money without compromise.

Performance in a mid range locator is an important factor when purchasing. The Rycom SnapTRACK PRO HPTX has similar performance to Rycom’s flagship Pathfinder PRO series locators, albeit with a few less features. The standard 10 Watt HPTX transmitter is powerful enough for demanding locates that operators may come across. Backed with Rycom’s high capacity lithium ion batteries saving you time and money in replacing expensive alkaline batteries. Recharging is easy as plugging the included AC DC adaptor or Car Charger.

Training is always a key part to using your locator and Access Detection offer professional training.

Such an important part of the purchase is adequate training. To get the best from your pipe & cable locator, we recommend our initial half day training course. In most cases this is included with the purchase. Held at our Sydney Training centre we keep classes small so new operators get the most time with there cable & pipe locator.

Rycom Instruments who manufacture the SnapTRACK PRO HPTX have been building locators for over 70 years. Rest assured with Access Detections support in Australia your locator will give you years of reliable use.

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