Snooper Mini H2

  • Low cost hydrogen (H2) tracer gas system for water of gas services
  • Great for indoor leak detection on exposed services
  • Simple easy to read display showing gas concentration
  • PPM sensor with 5 ppm increments and Alarm function
  • Inbuilt flexible hand Probe
  • Small¬†hard case included
  • uses standard alkaline batteries
Snooper Mini H2 Tracer Gas

The Snooper mini H2 uses common Hydrogen/nitrogen trace gas. Tracer gas is an excellent low cost solution for locating small leaks in water services internally. By using tracer gas with a 95 % nitrogen and 5% hydrogen it is completely safe and an affective way of finding leaks on poly pipes and in noisy environments. The Snooper mini uses a single PPM sensor that detects gases passively.

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