Ex Tec Snooper 4 Water Leak Detector

  • Affordable H2 tracer gas
  • High resolution sensor (up to 22,000 PPM)
  • Compact design
  • Easy to read display
  • Telescopic probe included

The Ex Tec Snooper 4 Water Leak Detector uses H2 tracer gas to find small water leaks in high noise or on non metallic services. A step above our Snooper mini in sensitivity and less effected by high concentrations of tracer gas. It is also a cheaper alternative to our Professional Tracer Gas unit the VarioTec VT460

Tracer Gas a method used for Water Leak Detection in difficult areas. High noise environments have always been difficult with traditional acoustic water leak detectors. Leaks on poly pipe can reduce transfer of sound, this is were tracer gas can be used to improve results.

The Ex Tec Snooper 4 water leak detector offers excellent performance for its price with its hi resolution sensor and high powered pump.

The inbuilt pump reduces reaction times therefore giving operators quick results in pinpointing leaks. The included telescopic probe gives the operator more choice to use in the field. Whether locating leak in the ground or in a bathroom, The Ex Tec Snooper 4 has you covered.

Its high resolution (up to 22,000PPM) is less effected by higher concentrations of gas. Providing much better recovery times compared to cheaper systems. It compact design has a large display which is easy to read. Options for a hand probe further improve its versatility.

Training is always important factor in purchasing this type of equipment. When purchasing through us or one of our experienced dealers you will receive the correct training techniques to get the best from your instrument.

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