SePem 150 Loggers

  • Sewerin’s extended radio logger system
  • Drive by reading of loggers on the go no need to stop and download
  • Can be used as a stationary monitoring system
  • Master controller programs and reads information via radio
  • NEW small compact design with extended radio antennas
  • Ability to mix SePem 100 & 150 loggers with the one master controller
  • Hi Powered microphones requires less loggers to cover a larger area
  • Standard kit comes with 10 loggers, master and hard carry case
  • Options to add up to 2000 loggers of the one master
The SePem 150 Noise Logging System

Sewerin extended radio system and hi powered antenna allows the operator to simple drive by while the logger transmits the data to the master controller. It can also be used as a stationary logger system for extended periods to monitor areas for history of leak related noise.

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