AR100 Small Water Leak Locator

  • Unique patent design for simplicity of use
  • Able to find small water leaks down too 250ml per minute
  • Can be used on larger leaks for better pinpointing
  • Simple setup using air compressor or compressed air cylinder
  • Can be used on pool plumbing systems for effective leak detection
  • Comes in a durable hard case with standard water attachments
  • Use with the Aquaphon A150 or A200 for best results

Small leaks have always been incredibly difficult when using acoustic leak technology. In some cases small leaks required a sensitive Professional Tracer Gas System like the VarioTec VT460. The AR100 Small Water Leak Locator requires no tracer gas and can work down too leaks as low as 250ml per minute. Maximise your results by using Sewerin’s Aquaphon A150 or A200 water leak detectors.

The AR100 Small Water Leak Locator uses a combination of air and water to maximise leak detection on small leaks.

Normally professional leak detectors use either compressed air or nitrogen to detect small leaks or leaks on non metallic pipes. This can improve the detection rate of these small leaks but still may not resonate a strong enough sound even for the most sensitive of Sewerin acoustic leak detection units. With the use of a mixture of air and water in the right combination allows the user to better hear small leaks.

With the introduction of smart meters it has now become crucial that a professional operator can detect even the most difficult of leaks. Leaks well below a litre per minute can be detected with these smart meters. Using the AR100 gives operators a far better chance of detecting smaller leaks on these types of devices.

The versatility of the AR100 in also finding leaks in other industries including pools.

another example when used with the Aquaphon A150 or A200 working with poly pipes and low pressures associated with pool systems. Large leaks are also not a problem and makes pinpointing easier in these situations.

With any type of water leak detection training is crucial. Access Detection provide proper training with all of our equipment. Companies who purchase through us and have completed training have grown their leak detection businesses. Some companies have even purchased further equipment from us. This has been achieved through proper support and training of Access Detection customers.

The AR100 is a fantastic compliment to our range as we endeavour to search for innovative products for water leaks. Let Access Detection help you with all your Water and gas leak detection needs.

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