Aquaphon A200 Professional Plumbers Kit

  • Advanced D.S.P. Technology reduced noise and improved filtering
  • Comfortable lap belt for receiver system reducing muscle strain
  • Large easy to read colour touchscreen display
  • Intuitive software to assist in selecting the right microphone type
  • Advanced analysis & filtering technology for professional users
  • Advanced leak recording functions with last 7 readings recorded
  • Save leak noise results for future reference
  • UM-200 universal microphone for internal & external leak detection
  • TS-200 Cordless handle & BM-200 hard surface microphone
  • Sewerin Advanced F8 SDR Cordless headphones
  • Hard case included, houses all the Sewerin microphone range
  • Great for professional plumbers in demanding leak detections
  • Optional cordless TM-200 contact & BM-230 rough surface microphone

PLEASE NOTE: Images on the left show options.

The Aquaphon A200 Professional Plumbers Kit has been designed for the professional plumbing market. It has a dedicated hard surface cordless microphone and the flexibility of the UM-200 Microphone.

The UM-200 microphone the same microphone used in the Aquaphon A200 Domestic Plumbers Kit and is a light-weight microphone which has the flexibility to be used in confined spaces, often come across when doing internal leak detection.

The BM-200 Hard Surface Microphone is included in the Aquaphon A2oo Professional Plumbers Kit.

The cordless ground microphone is both waterproof and has a fully floating design that is enclosed in a rubber cellulite. This decreases wind noise while offering a floating microphone which touches a single point assisting in pinpointing the highest noise. The BM-200 Hard Surface microphone is ideal for tiled or concrete areas where good contact is essential.

The A200 receiver analysis the water leak sound, allowing you to set the best filter to reduce outside ambient noise. You cam also record the leak noise and add text data, building leak noise history for different pipe types this can be used for training of new operators. The whole system has IP 65 or IP 68 ratings ensuring that the A200 will be around for years to come.

The cordless system used for both the Headphones and Microphones in the Aquaphon A200 Professional Plumbers Kit are state-of-the-art.

Reduced transmission noise with similar in performance to corded headphones. Having no cords, reduces noise associated with corded systems and moving cables. Further enhancing the benefits of no cords.

Access Detection offers a comprehensive course which is held at our training centre in Sydney. Benefitting the operator by giving him the needed skill for good leak detection.

PLEASE NOTE: The video demonstration shows additional cordless microphones that may be options for the A200 Professional Plumbers kit.

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