Aquaphon A200 Domestic Plumbers Kit

  • Latest D.S.P. technology reducing noise to improve results
  • Large easy to read colour touchscreen display
  • Intuitive software to assist in selecting the right microphone
  • Advanced and quick filtering adjustments for professional users
  • Advanced leak recording functions with last 7 readings recorded
  • Save leak noise results for future reference
  • UM-200 universal microphone with the latest piezoelectric technology
  • Click below for more info and the video
  • Sewerin Advanced SDR F8 Cordless headphones
  • Fully expandable with optional cordless microphone options
  • Hard case able to house all the A200 microphone range
  • Optional Cordless microphones available for job-specific tasks

PLEASE NOTE: Images on the left show options.

Sewerin’s Aquaphon A200 Domestic Plumbers Kit is Sewerin’s most advanced leak detection kit in the Aquaphon range. Sitting below the Aquaphon A200 Professional Plumbers Kit. The A200 Domestic is a high-end entry level kit making leak detection easy for new operators. Professional operators will appreciate the extra functions needed to locate difficult water leaks, for instance full filtering analysis. Operators will appreciate an easy to use colour touchscreen interface making adjusting volume, adding headphone protection, changing microphone configuration and completing critical frequency analysis adjustments.

The Aquaphon A200 Domestic Plumbers Kt is Sewerin’s easiest to use Acoustic Leak Detector to date.

The A200 specifically designed for plumbers moving into the leak detection with the ability to expand in the future. Professional plumbers will appreciate the flexibility with a value professional entry-level option. The UM-200 corded microphone offers Sewerin’s best multi-purpose microphone to date. Its high dynamic ability gives the operator the flexibility to use the system both internally and externally. Operators will find the tripod useful converting the UM200 to a ground microphone. Test extensions and tip allow’s operators to use it as a versitile contact microphone. Sewerin’s F8 cordless headphones have been designed in-house by Sewerin, offering the latest radio technology, reducing background hiss to an absolute minimum.

The AquaphonA200 Domestic Plumbers Kit is also upgradeable with optional cordless microphones bringing better flexibility for various tasks. Or simply select a kit like our Aquaphon A200 Professional Plumbers Kit. Sewerin has a complete range of specialised microphones for the A200. We have now have included a A200 Custom Kit for industry specific leak detection, saving you money,

Training a key factor for getting the best from your new acoustic water leak detection equipment. Access Detection offers a dedicated training course for the unit were we teach the fundamentals of good leak detection.

PLEASE NOTE: The video demonstration shows additional cordless microphones that are options for the Domestic Plumbers kit.

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