Aquaphon A200 Custom Kit

  • Custom Kit components
  • Sewerin A200 Receiver
  • F8 Cordless Headphones
  • Lap belt/Harness
  • AC/DC adaptor
  • Hard Carry Case
  • NEW GNNS and Correlator Functions also available

PLEASE NOTE: Images on the left show options.

Sewerins Aquaphon A200 Custom kit offers the flexibility of adding any type of microphone required for their specific needs. With class leading functions including cordless headphones and optional cordless microphones removing the need for cables. Cables create noise and can cause higher maintenance issues from wear and tear that comes with a cable system. The optional TS200 handle is an ingenious design using the latest radio communication technology. The A200 custom kit is a more flexible option for our popular Aquaphon A200 Professional plumbers Kit.

Optional dedicated microphones for the harsh conditions that external water lead detection creates, makes the Aquaphon A2200 Custom Kit.

the ideal kit for infield water leak detection. Whether walking along a high-pressure trunk main or listening along a suburban street the A200 Custom kit offers that type of flexibility. If you want to combine the specialised acoustic water leak detector with the benefits of a professional correlator then the SeCorr AC200 Professional Correlator & Water Leak Detector may be an option for you.

Rocky surfaces and sandy surfaces are perfectly suited to the optional BM230 Rough Surface microphone. Hard surfaces including concrete and tiled areas are best suited to the optional BM200. The BM200 & 230 microphones are encased in a specially designed chamber resulting in reduced ambient noise. All these microphones offer IP65 & 68 for water and dust resulting in long lasting tough microphone for our harsh conditions.

The TM200 Touch microphone also attaches to the cordless handle and offers a quality contact microphone for listening to water meters or hydrants.

PLEASE NOTE: The attached video shows microphones that maybe optional in this Kit.

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