Stethophon 04 Listening Stick

  • Low-cost listening stick for general leak detection
  • LCD Display with numeric minimum noise level
  • Multiple filter settings for different pipe types and leaks
  • High-Quality K3 corded Sewerin headphones
  • Kit comes with bag, K3 Corded headphones and 100mm test tip
  • Perfect for water authorities, plumbers and councils
  • Used By Sydney Water, Hunter Water and many councils throughout Australia
  • Optional EM35 ground microphone available
  • Optional Electrically rated rod (NATA Tested)

PLEASE NOTE: Images to the left indicate components of the Kit.

Sewerin’s Stethophon 04 Listening Stick, is a popular listening stick used by water authorities and councils throughout Australia. Sydney Water have continued to find this unit cost-effective way of finding leaks in their large network with hundreds of units being used in the field.

The Sererin Stethophon 04 Listening Stick offers simplicity with Sewerin’s reputation for quality.

The receiver includes an integrated floating contact microphone which is extremely sensitive. The tip has a standard M6 thread which allows options for extension rods and a resonating plate. Access Detection has also manufactured an optional electrically rated rod with ceramic joints. The rod offers superior sound transfer while retaining a high level of safety against electrical shock.

The Stethophon 04 Listening stick, includes eight filter settings, this assists in reducing outside noise and gives the operator the ability to hone in on the leak noise.

Popular with Councils and Water Authorities including Sydney Water.

Designed to be robust and simple to operate, while still retaining good performance. The Stethophon 04 is an ideal low-cost leak detector for all your leak detection works.

Sewerin’s K3 Noise Canceling corded headphones are standard with the Stethophon 04. Sewerin has designed these headphones in-house resulting in lower ambient noise. Sewerin’s have selected drivers to better suit the leak detection frequency range. This is compared to most headphones used for other leak detectors which are commonly used for music listening. Finally, the kit comes with a compact vinyl bag to keep all the contents safe and is small enough to fit into tight spaces in your van or ute box.

You can also purchase this kit as the Stethophon 04 Plumbers Kit, which includes a ground microphone. The Aquatest T10 Professional Listening Stick is also another choice for Water Authorities or councils who require better performance.

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