Aquatest T10 Listening Stick with Corded Headphones

  • Sewerin most advanced listening stick with corded headphones
  • Use as a Touch microphone with contact on pipes or the ground
  • Large easy to read LCD Display with numeric minimum noise level
  • Advanced Multi filter settings for different pipe types and leaks
  • Advanced Microphone technology for higher sensitivity
  • High-Quality K3 Corded noise cancelation headphones
  • Advanced touch sensitive control.
  • 300 mm test tip and ground microphone attachment
  • Optional wind noise reduction boot improve leak detection performance
  • Optional M10 Tripod adaptor for rough grounds
  • Perfect for councils or water authorities wanting a high-performance listening device

PLEASE NOTE: Images to the left indicate components of the Kit.

Sewerin’s most cost effective Acoustic Water leak listening stick to date. Sewerin’s know-how in the water industry has given them the ability to manufacture a purpose-built high-performance microphone. The robust design makes it perfect for external field works. Ideally suited to water network technicians in water authorities and councils.

Based on the tried and tested T4 touch microphone from the Aquaphon A100 Commercial Kit and utilising the simple operations of the Stethophon 04 Listening Stick, but with a large easy to read display. Sewerin has built a microphone that performs well and is easy to operate.

The Aquatest T10 Acoustic Listening Stick offers you unsurpassed performance that no average listening stick can match.

Sewerin’s expertise in microphone technology offers crisp, clear sound better suited to the leak noise frequency range. This assists the water technician in finding those difficult leaks commonly found in the field. A large display interface makes setting filters quick and easy. In addition, the Aquatest T10 has a useful last numeric number memory which can assist you in determining if you are moving closer or further from the leak. The noise canceling K3 corded headphones offer the operator clear listening with the lower cost of a corded headphone set.

The Aquatest T10 has an Optional M10 Tripod adaptor, converting the listening stick into a handy ground microphone. In addition, the Optional Wind suppression boot can help the user reduce outside noise to a minimum, making this a great alternative to combined acoustic ground microphones.

The included vinyl bag with foam insert protects all your equipment including options while in transit. The Aquatest T10 is extremely popular with councils and is used by Sydney Water network technicians.


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