Aquaphon A50 SDR Domestic Plumbers Kit

  • New Compact design housing
  • Large easy to read display
  • Long battery life with inbuilt Lithium Ion pack
  • Compact UM50 Multi-Purpose microphone
  • Compact carry bag fits all parts
  • Cordless F8 Headphones (less cables getting in the way)
  • This kit is a special order (call for details)
  • Optional Vinyl carry bag for optional microphone

PLEASE NOTE: Images are all the options available for this kit.

The Aquaphon A50 SDR Domestic plumbers kit fit’s into our new value range of products. Adding the convenience of cordless headphones. Sewerin have reduced the size of the receiver making it more portable. This hasn’t effected performance with similar features to our more expensive A150. The new lithium-ion batteries offer the latest battery technology, allowing several days of use before needing to be recharge.

The Sewerin Aquaphon A50 SDR Domestic Plumbers Kit is perfect for operators who do regular lead detection in and around housing estates.

Priced under the A150 Domestic Plumbers Kit as the new entry-level into our professional water leak detector range the A50 offers great value for money as quality water leak detector at a cheaper price. The Aquaphon A50 receiver offers three memory positions to determine the loudest noise area. The menu system is easy to access and navigate, allowing you to change settings easily. Filter settings operate in the full water leak detection range allowing individual adjustments an operator may come across. When in the vicinity of power the A50 has a 50 Hz filter, offering better results around interference of power.

The UM50 HI Dynamic Range Microphone is flexible enough to use internally or externallly.

The M10 tripod adaptor allows you to use as a ground microphone. A Rubber boot protects the UM50 microphone from abrasions and small bumps. The A50 wind protection kit reduces wind noise when using the UM50 microphone as a ground microphone. The multiple test tips and extension rods allow flexibility when using the microphone as a touch microphone on services.

The Aquaphon A50 can be optioned up as you gain more experience or select the custom kit to build a kit to suit your needs . Add A Vinyl bag & TM50 test rod and wind protection boot, improving external leak detection abilities by reducing wind noise. Customers can purchase other variants including the Aquaphon A50 Water Custom Kit, which is specially designed for water authorities and councils wanting a little more flexibility and our Aquatest T10 Listening Stick.

PLEASE NOTE: The video may contain optional extras please refer to the individual product kit for included accessories.


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