Aquaphon A50 SDR Custom Kit

  • Kit components below
  • Compact Aquaphon A50 receiver
  • Carry Strap and Belt clip,
  • Cordless F8 headphones
  • AC/DC adaptor
  • Vinyl Carry Bag
  • Add optional microphones as necessary

PLEASE NOTE: Images are all the options available for this kit.

The Aquaphon A50 SDR Custom Kit benefits operators to customise a system to suit their industry requirements. Water network technician’s, water leak contractor’s, council’s or water authorities, will appreciate the benefits the custom kit gives. Allowing you to purchase the microphones required for your leak detection tasks, therefore reducing costs in purchasing unwanted microphones.
The Aquaphon A50 offers many features that professional leak detectors require.

Flexible filter control allow full access to your filter ranges, resulting in location of more difficult leaks. A larger screen with a three memory numeric noise value assists in determining if you are moving closer to the leak noise. A simple interface makes learning to use the system easier on the user, as a result learning curve to get proficient is faster.

Custom kits, a cost effective water leak detector for all types of water leaks.

for Councils or Water Authorities who carry out there own pro-active or re-active water leak detection, we make it easy to set up your kit. Need a low cost acoustic water leak detector but only need a touch microphone for hydrants and meters, add the TS50 Touch Rod and tip to this kit. Add the RP10 ground microphone boot resulting in an effective ground microphone. Similarly option up the UM50 multipurpose microphone, makes internal leak location easier in tight spaces. Whatever option you choose it all fits into the larger vinyl bag supplied. The ability to add change microphones makes our custom kits even more flexible than the Aquatest T10 Professional Listening Stick.

An important factor when purchasing specialised product, we provide that support. Access Detection and our dealers all have substantial background in acoustic water leak detection. You can be assured you will receive service back, options for training and more importantly you are dealing with a local person that covers your area.

PLEASE NOTE: The video may contain optional extras please refer to the individual product kit for included accessories.


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