Emlid Reach RS2+ GNSS/GPS Receiver

  • Standalone GNSS/GPS solution
  • 20+ hours of battery use
  • Can be setup as a Base Rover System
  • Cost effective solution for precision mapping
  • Use with Emlid Flow and other mapping APPs

Emlid Reach RS2+ GNSS/GPS Receiver. With centimetre accuracy, large inbuilt battery allowing 20+ hours of use when static and tough exterior. This is an ideal GPS receiver for locators wanting a standalone unit. Whether you are a small company moving into mapping, or a large corporation requiring multiple GNSS receivers the RS2+ offers great features for affordable precision mapping. The Emlid Reach RS2+  has the flexibility to setup as a base station and a second unit can be used as rover system. Or better still you can use the Reach RX or New Reach RS3 as different options to suit your budget.

Emlid Reach RS2+ GNSS/GPS Receiver has you covered.

Use it standalone with the optional pole and phone holder, perfect for using Emlid Flow or Emlid 360 for logging points. You can also use the option Reach RX as a rover eliminating costly subscriptions for centimetre accuracy RTK positioning. The Emlid Reach RS2+ GNSS/GPS Receiver also connects to our PinPointR and Crossover GPR s

Affordable and accurate GNSS marking is becoming more important than ever for your clients. EMLID offer such a great range of products that perform equally as well as unit costing thousands more. It is now easier and more cost effective than ever for small locating companies to move into precision mapping. Larger companies can also benefit from having multiple GPS devices and with the EMLID RX and the use of your company smartphone can eliminate additional and costly SIM cards.

Emlid Flow which is a free and is included with the Reach RX, allows complete control of the Reach RX. Connect to other devices including Phones Tablets in both iOS and Android devices. It also has a basic survey map so you can log points along the way. Call or email us today for up to date pricing.

See this fantastic video from Map Gear below going through the different models available from the Emlid range:


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