UT935 Pipe & Cable Locator

  • Sunlight readable backlight display for a clear picture in all environments
  • Durable Receiver with multiple locate modes including PEAK & NULL for difficult locates
  • 7+ Frequencies available in with commonly used  industry frequencies
  • Auto Depth and current measurement along with manual override
  • Powerful 5 Watt transmitter with smart display and large range of frequencies
  • Comes with 125mm Clamp, Direct connecting leads and bag
  • Ideal for Water Authorities, Councils and Telco operators
  • Telstra, NBN & DCL compliant locator

UT935 Pipe & Cable locator from Sewerin

The UT935 Pipe & Cable locator offers the professional locator  a flexible quality locator platform. With its powerful 5-Watt transmitter it is the ideal choice for Water authorities, Councils and Professional locator operators.  Locate services confidently with simple modes, while offering the professional the traditional PEAK & NULL modes for the more difficult locates.

This is Sewerin’s mid range unit with the UT9100 and UT9200 be the flagships. The UT935 has the  critical features for the professional locator to locate all water, gas power & Telco infrastructure.  Industry standard 5 Watt Transmitter and range of commonly used industry frequencies you always have the flexibility to locate in all types of environments. Built on a solid platform offering up to IP65 protection allowing to work in demanding conditions that a locator comes across in its day to day work.

Purchasing a Pipe & Cable locator should come with a comprehensive training

this allows you to get the best from your Locator. Access Detection offer complimentary training which will get operators up to speed and teach operators good practices when locating. This is held at our Sydney training ground which offers a great way to learn correct techniques in locating. The UT935 is both NBN and Telstra compliant through the DCL Certified locator program. The UT935 offers a 2 year warranty and calibration period for peace of mind.

The unit is full programmable and allows the flexibility to change the different locate modes or add or remove frequencies. This can be done on the unit itself or via a PC interface.

The unit comes with all the normal accessories including 125mm Induction clamp, Flexible Direct connecting leads and a decent  earth-stake. having good earth-stake allows you to get the full potential of the transmitter power. The locator has a sturdy padded bag to hold both the transmitter and receiver along with all the accessories.

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