Rycom Pathfinder Pro+ Series 3 (V3) Professional Pipe & Cable Locator

  • Designed for Professional locator users
  • Highly flexible platform allows customization
  • Over 6 locate modes including PEAK & NULL
  • Real-time depth and current measurement
  • 12-watt transmitter for demanding locates
  • Over 20 frequencies available to the user
  • Hi capacity Lithium-Ion battery packs standard
  • PATHLink Receiver to transmitter control standard
  • Fully DBYD / Telstra compliant

Rycom Pathfinder Pro+ Series 3 (V3) professional pipe & cable locator brings years of experience and development into the competitive locating market. With the release of the Series 3 improvements to electronics which take advantage of the recently updated antenna design. The result, improved sensitivity between 5% in a broader frequency range. Minor tweaks to the transmitter with a new push button membrane and better LCD display. Rycom focused on what counts in the industry with a responsive unit that works well in demanding situations. Features that cover demanding locates in the power industry, with Passive Power Phase harmonics. Allowing the operator to select the right harmonics depending on the locate situation. Handy in demanding power environments.


That are normally options on the more expensive brands.

Rycom & Access Detection have a great respect for our major competitor RadioDetection and the RD8200 was the benchmark that Rycom have endeavoured to equal or surpass. With new antennas and electronics, performance has been very surprising with infield testing. Pricing for this model is competitive and makes a great unit for larger companies or councils requiring a high-end locator. The Pathfinder PRO+ improves on our value range SnapTRACK PRO HPTX Series


Tough lightweight housing, Hi capacity Lithium-Ion battery backs, Passive Power harmonics frequencies. PathLink receiver to transmitter coms, allows transmitter power and frequency control from the receiver. Large easy to read display and flexible platform. Operators have full flexibility to choose what modes and frequencies they require.

In conclusion, the Pathfinder Pro offers the operator a new alternative in the industry of professional locators. With Access Detections professional training, operators will be ensured they get the best from the Pathfinder Pro+. Operators will have the confidence to locate more accurately in the field. Power, telecommunications, gas, water or any specialised industry including rail networks, the Rycom Pathfinder Pro will get the job done.

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