Rycom ClampMitter V2.0

  • New App controllable clamp downloadable from Android or Apple
  • Change frequency and Power from your phone
  • Three Versatile frequencies 33, 65, 131 kHz
  • Magnetic charge cable with long lasting Lithium Ion battery
  • Able to be used in water filled pits with improved water protection
  • Also compatible with a wide variety of other brand Receivers
  • Can be used to direct connect using optional direct connect kit

The Rycom ClampMitter V2.0 improves on the original ClampMitter. Rycom listened to its customers and have further improved an already brilliant product. For those that aren’t familiar with the original Rycom ClampMitter, It is such a versatile product for locators. Being able to clamp around a cable quickly an easily without having to lug around a heavy transmitter. Safely closing the pit up without the need to barricade is another time saving aspect of the ClampMitter.

The Rycom ClampMitter V2.0 adds BluTooth APP controllability via Apple or Android devices.

Download the ClampMitter App from either Apples App Store or Android Playstore. Rycom have Improved waterproof protection offering better protection, when used in water filled pits. It is also now available in the standard 100 mm version along with the a 160mm version for larger conduits or pipes. Available with 33, 65, and 131 kHz and output power well over 5 watts you will wonder how you lived without the ClampMitter.

You can even use the ClampMitter to direct connect to a pipe using the Optional Direct Connect lead set. The ClampMitter can be used with a Receiver to add a low cost kit. Ideal for Telecommunication Contractors wishing for a low-cost solution by adding SnapTRACK PRO Receiver.


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