Sewerin Combiphon PPL T10 Kit

  • Designed for larger plastic mains from 90mm upwards
  • Includes the Aquatest T10 receiver
  • Hard case transmitter with rechargeable battery
  • Proven reliable plastic water mains location
  • Variable speed pulse adjustment
  • Large Stopper with adjustable pipe intensity
  • Use with Sewerin Aquatest T10 for best results
  • Hard case can also store the optional combiphon striker for locating smaller 20 -40mm poly services

Sewerin’s Combiphon T10 Kit was designed to locate water mains from 90mm to 300mm.

The specially designed stopper creates virtually no water hammer protecting you pipes from damage.

When used with the Aquatest T10 can locate a 100 mm main for over 250 metres.


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