Rycom SnapTRACK S Camera/Sonde Locator

  • Clear easy to read display for ease of use
  • Camera/Sonde orientation for more accurate locates
  • Standard 512 & 640 Hz along with 33 kHz frequencies
  • Other programmable Camera/Sonde Frequencies
  • Flexibility to turn the unit to a professional line locator
  • Optional Transmitters & ClampMitter Available

The Rycom SnapTRACK S Camera/Sonde Locator is Rycom’s latest locator range. The SnapTRACK S replaces the popular Rycom 8873 Sonde Locator. Which was an affordable locator for locating Cameras and Sondes

The SnapTRACK S brings some great benefits for users, while still retaining its simplicity. A large clear and easy to read display, results in easier locating for users who don’t regularly use a camera. Another feature is real time depth on sonde & Line mode, eliminates pressing extra buttons. Finally Camera/Sonde orientation assists in having the correct blade position for more accurate depth readings.

The Rycom SnapTRACK S Camera/Sonde Locator

has all the standard frequencies used by most camera & sonde manufactures. These include 512 & 640 Hz along with the standard 33 kHz. Other frequencies are available and can be easily programmed from the locator. The new antenna design has improved sensitivity, as a result sondes and camera’s can be located deeper than the previous model.

Another key to the success of the SnapTRACK S is that it is fully programable locator. This allows the operator to add functions, frequencies and modes to suit their job requirements. Program the unit as a simple Sonde locator or add modes and frequencies to turn it into a professional line locator. The Optional Thee watt or ClampMitter turns this unit into a fantastic line locator with a variety of frequencies.

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