Gas Tracker 2

  • Locate Non Metallic Gas services easily
  • Locate small to medium size gas lines
  • Ideal for house feeds and street feeders
  • Highly sensitive receiver probe
  • Works in all soil conditions
  • Great for Gas authorities or Gas Contractors
  • Heavy duty carry cases and transmitter
MADE offers a solution to tracing poly gas lines

Gas Tracker 2 virtually eliminates one of the biggest problems locators face is the ability to reliably locate small poly gas services. Too regularly when a locator contractor locates house feeds the installed tracer wire is either non existent or has been broken. GPR is one other option to also locate gas lines. But due to varied soil conditions in Australia it is difficult to see the smaller gas line target. External tappers/strikers using acoustic listening devices is another solution. These are very inconsistent though as many factors can affect the position.

Gas Tracker 2 takes the pain out of locating gas services

by using the internal gas supply creating a vibration effect on the line. This vibration affect is then picked up by the receiver which is placed on the ground at small intervals across the suspected area. The handheld display shows intensity in a graphic bar. The highest reading is normally the surface position.

This Gas pipe locator is also good on urban street feeds

You can even locate these from a house service feed. Most importantly it is easy to use system to interpret results. This has had great results in the tests we have conducted.

Simple insert the Gas Tracker 2 vibrating transmitter into the internal gas service at the meter. Setup the receiver and move across the area to receive a signal. Once you have located the signal you can walk along at small intervals to track the gas line.

Note: To use the Gas Tracker 2 gas pipe detector you must be certified gas installer. you must also have permission from the various gas authorities to use it on their network. The Gas tracker 2 is completely safe but must be installed by qualified fitters.

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