PinPointR Utility Detection GPR

  • Light weight compact design (less than 20kg)
  • Dual Channel Dual Frequency 800 & 450 MHz
  • Foldable frame for ease of transport
  • NEW Rugged wheel version
  • NEW Direct Drive Encoder
  • better detection of smaller targets
  • Lithium Ion Battery for 7 hour continuous use
  • Android based acquisition software
  • High performance Ground Penetrating radar
  • Extremely easy to use interface with new VIEWPOINT software
  • Cross Point Post processing software also available

The PinPointR Utility Detection GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar. The PinPointR offers some great features that make it stand out from what is currently on the market.

ImpulseRadar are a relatively young company in the scheme of Ground Penetrating Radar. This has not stopped them from becoming a successful company in a competitive market. Their engineers have a wealth of experience in the GPR industry and have used this to produce the class leading PinPointR.

ImpulseRadar listened to professional utility locators that use Ground Penetrating Radar and released the PinPointR utility Detection GPR.

Utility Locators contractors may do eight locates a day, they are continually transporting storing and setting up their GPR. A compact light weight foldable frame is essential for these professionals. It also has to be strong and simple to setup. Most locators simply want to mark the ground with paint. A simple acquisition software clearly displaying utility targets both shallow and deep is a must have for detection and marking. This is we’re the PinPointR shines in these key areas.

Having Dual Channel Dual frequency antenna array also helps. With both a 800 and 450 MHz antenna you have more chance of finding difficult and small targets. Real time sampling assists in showing clearer results avoiding missing services that may not be a clear with older antenna systems.

Small things like the integrated brake, stops the unit from rolling when unattended. Included onboard GPS can be used for location of data for reporting with the new VIEWPOINT software. A high capacity changeable Lithium Ion battery that can last up to seven hours. The ability to use a different array of tablets and mounting system to suit your requirements. Even the ability to use your android smartphone to acquire data is just another feature that can come in handy. All these features make the PinPointR Ground Penetrating Radar a standout in this market segment.

See below videos including a project with the PinPointR to explain the system

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