ImpulseRadar Raptor Multi Array Road Systems

  • Multi Channel Large Array
  • Flexible configuration convert from road system to Cart system
  • High performance RTS GPR modules
  • Tightly spaced array for high resolution
  • high speed data equation up to 110Kms per our
  • Fast efficient Condor mapping software included (subscription)

The ImpulseRadar Raptor Multi Array road Systems offer great flexibility. With the choice of either the Raptor 80 with 800 MHZ antennas for pavement and shallow utility detection to 1.5 metres. or the Raptor 45 for deeper utilities we have a Raptor to suit your needs. With the ability to run at speeds in access of 110 KM you can cover areas quickly and easily.

Maximum flexibility by switching antenna array between the Raptor Road system and Raptor Cart saving you time and money between small and larger projects.

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