ImpulseRadar Raptor Cart

  • Small lightweight Multi Array GPR
  • 12 seperate 800 MHz antennas
  • High quality resolution with Real Time Sampling
  • Flexible solution for Utility Mapping & Deck surveys
  • Convert antenna system in to a road based system
  • Use with common GPS or Total Station solutions
  • Used with Condor Post processing software
  • Can be used with other systems including GPR slice

ImpulseRadar Raptor 80 Cart is a lightweight and flexible Multi Array GPR system. Ideal for small area mapping. Some of the benefits you will find in small GPR array mapping system include. Compact design allowing you to store in a smaller vans or ute. Lightweight, easily lift in and out of vehicles. No need to setup and assembly each time.

ImpulseRadar RAPTOR 80 Cart makes utility mapping an easy solution for small and medium area mapping

Another advantage the Raptor has is Real Time Sampling (RTS). The same technology used in our PinPointR. This allows you to see more detail than you would have thought possible over previous generation GPR units.

The Raptor 80 Cart uses 12 x 800 MHz antennas allowing small separation and higher resolution between scans. This is one of the advantages of using the 80 CART. Another advantage utilising the RTS is the depth penetration is far superior to older generation systems. This is why this is an ideal mapping system for utility detection

The Cart is also available in 8 x 450 MHz antennas called the CART 45. The Advantage of the 450 is it uses a lower frequency antenna allowing for even further depth penetration and is ideally suited for deeper utilities.

Finally a good mapping GPR should be complemented by good mapping software. The New Condor Mapping software has made post processing data extremely fast and easy. No longer do you have to poor through mountains of data to get good results.

To visit ImpulseRadar website for even further details.

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