SnapTRACK Cable Locating Kit

  • SnapTRACK Receiver
  • Easy to read display
  • ClampMitter with 33, 65 and 131 kHz
  • ClampMitter controlled by Android or IOS APP
  • Compact bags for ease of storage
  • Low cost alternative to full locator kits
  • Perfect for telecommunications and power companies

A truly fantastic kit for telecommunication or power company employees or contractors. The Rycom SnapTRACK cable locating kit is a simple and cost effective way of locating telecommunication and power networks. For instance it removes the need to carry heavy transmitter’s or connection leads around by utilising the ClampMitter.

The Rycom SnapTRACK cable locating kit includes the innovative ClampMitter along with the SnapTRACK receiver.

Compact and easily stored unlike traditional locating kits. Therefore only requiring a small amount of space too easily fit in vehicles. In addition the ClampMitter allows control of both frequency and power via either an Android or IOS APP. The SnapTRACK receiver matches the clamp and has the essential frequencies needed for both power and telecommunication cables.

An easy to read display, realtime depth and current measurement, along with four different locate modes. The SnapTRACK receiver takes the guess work out of locating. Both units include 33, 65 and 131 kHz offering a broad range of frequencies. Frequencies commonly used in the Telecommunications  and power industry.

Being able to connect to a cable and shut the pit behind you without the need too leave barriers or pits open improves safety, another great benefit of the included ClampMitter.

A great benefit of this kit is the low cost of purchase. Removing the need for expensive transmitters and clamps, contractors and asset owners can reduce the high cost associated with these instruments. The added advantage of no cables when connecting around power cables is a great safety benefit.

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